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Deady the Teddy Special Banner by SmilinPirateTattoo Deady the Teddy Special Banner by SmilinPirateTattoo
Ok, so we are having a special at the shop today and we made a banner for it. We thought we would share. Hopefully this is the right catagory.

" Deady The Teddy
Tattoo Special! We are doing this September 11th and 12th Only!"Smilin' Pirate Tattoo is having a 2 Day Special! Come in on Sept 11th or 12th and get a Deady The Teddy Tattoo!Your Choices are One of the three designs on this page! Only $80!"

If you want to promote the shop,
And made get some credits towards your next tattoo, print of some of these fliers ( Below ) and write your name on the back so we know who gave it out. Tell people you give them to to bring it in, and we will give you a $10 credit per person! Same applies if you bring
in people!

Glendale is having a teddy bear festival, so it seemed appropriate!
Also, Bill and Chelsea have a bet. If she can get enough Deady
tattoos today ( 20 ) , he's getting on each "cheek".

Come in and get your tattoo, or set an appointment for another day! "

Our Website: [link]

Deady and Tattoo designs created by Voltaire. His Website: [link]
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